What is a marketing agency advocate?

What is a marketing agency advocate?

There are times when working with a digital marketing agency is smart and essential. In these cases, you are likely working on a very large, very important, and very expensive project.  You might not have internal experts to help guide this project, so how can you make sure your marketing agency is making the right decisions for your business? 

That's where Plotline comes in.

Plotline firmly sits on your side of the table during agency projects and acts as your internal expert.  

How does it work?

First, we meet to discuss your project goals and the project's impact on your business.  We uncover your concerns or ideas and build a foundation that then fuels thorough research.  

Prior to a marketing agency meeting, Plotline researches your specific project, taking your comments into consideration and formulating a list of targeted questions for your marketing agency.

We then attend agency meetings at your side, there to help guide the project to meet your determined project goals.

Why should I pay both Plotline and a marketing agency?

If you're spending a significant amount of money on a project, having a business advocate is like an affordable insurance policy to drive the project to success.  Without an internal expert resource, Plotline presents a smart way to ensure your project goals are met.  Every time.