My Story

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My Story

I went to college to become a writer, but when it came time to pay rent, I thankfully found another love to keep me solvent: ecommerce.  I learned the ropes writing product copy and kept moving up, eventually running marketing, sales, and ecommerce teams.  Along the way, I taught my self how to build websites (like this one!).

Nearly all of my experience is in the lighting and home industries, but I love working with unique brands in any industry with a story to tell.

My Experience By the Numbers

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Years Marketing Experience

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How I Work

Developing ecommerce strategy, building and maintaining Shopify sites, brainstorming, problem solving...this work can be challenging but at its roots, it's fun, too. We're talking about creative, strategic work that shares your story with more of the world and what could be more fun than that? So, yes, this work can be tough, but it's work that will help drive your business forward. And that's where you want to be, isn't it?

My Credentials

Trust in my ability to take your business further. Explore my professional background on LinkedIn or click to view my resume.

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