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Go Beyond Basic

Gain an ecommerce partner that grows your business–and your brand.

Done well, the ecommerce channel is an exciting, powerful way to grow your business and share your brand with more people. Done poorly, ecommerce can lead to brand degradation, margin erosion, and operational headaches.

I have spent my career building brands through ecommerce. I am driven to grow sales but not at the expense of your brand. There is a way to achieve sales growth and brand growth simultaneously.

Let me show you how.

Merchandising Strategy

It Starts With Data

After having the right product at the right price, data is next important element to a successful ecommerce strategy.

Selling online requires a lot of data.

If you're already selling online, you've likely seen the giant product data spreadsheets you need to fill out for your online retailer accounts. These spreadsheets power accurate, optimized product listings and provide the foundation for a sound strategy.

If you have dismissed these as busy work or aren't sure if your team is taking these seriously enough, you should take another look.

Whether you have an in-house data team or not, you could undoubtedly benefit from an expert eye on the the data foundation of your online business.

Distribution Strategy

Strategic Partners Only

I get it. Especially if you're new to ecommerce, it's easy to want to open up every account that knocks on your door. I urge you not to do this. Not only will it weaken your brand, but it will also cause increased work and headaches for revenue that will not help grow your business long term.

Look for partners who believe in you and your brand and will work alongside you to grow your mutual businesses and forget the rest.

Promotional Strategy

Mindful Promotions

Consumers love deals, and promotions can drive big numbers. Promotions are an important way to grow your ecommerce business, but they shouldn't be your main strategy. I believe in running important, strategic promotions that grow sales without being constant or scattershot. If promos are too frequent, you are training consumers to only buy your products when they're on sale. That's a short-sighted way to run your ecom business.

Promotions also cause major headaches for your other channels of business. I have led brick-and-mortar sales channels and understand stores' frustrations with online promos. There is a way to grow your online business and run promotions without sacrificing your other sales channels.

There are numerous ways to grow your business without constant sales. Trust in your brand...and in a sound, mindful ecommerce strategy.


Which ecommerce sites do you work with?

I have worked with all major ecommerce sites including those listed here:

  • Amazon
  • Build
  • Home Depot
  • Lighting New York
  • Lowe's
  • Overstock
  • Wayfair
  • Y Lighting

Which industries do you work in?

My expertise is in the Lighting & Home Decor industries. I'm open to varied industries if the brand is a good fit.

Want to learn more?

I work with a very select group of brands but am always happy to meet new brands looking to grow their online business in a smart, sustainable way.

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