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Are You Wasting Money on Marketing?


Marketing budgets can be a black hole.

Wondering if your marketing tools are essential? Or if you're making the most of each one?

Do you even know which tools you are paying for? Or if cheaper (and better!) options are available?

This free self-guided marketing audit gives you a quick look at 4 of your current marketing tools.

Marketing Audit


This is a self-guided marketing stack audit to help you save money and find more effective ways to optimize your marketing.This worksheet will help you take inventory of your current subscriptions, apps, platforms, and other marketing costs that are likely costing your business too much money.

Marketing Audit


We will follow a simple, straightforward form to audit your marketing tools. Depending on how you segregate marketing charges, this may be more difficult for some than for others.If you find yourself struggling, I am happy to complete a professional audit for you myself.

Marketing Audit Questions You'll Explore

Which marketing tools are you paying for?

Which marketing tools have a lower cost option?

How much are you spending monthly?

Is your team using the tool's premium features?

Which marketing tools save your team time?

Which marketing tools are easy to use?

Which tools make a huge impact to your marketing team and business?


Who should fill out the audit worksheet?

Since the worksheet includes questions about tools, tool purpose, and tool features, it requires someone who is close to your marketing activities.This could be your Marketing Director or Marketing Manager.Depending on the size of your team, and their permissions, you may also need some accounting assistance to check billing and individual Subject Matter Experts, like a Social Media Manager to assist.

What if I don't know the answer to a question?

If no one on your team can answer questions about a tool, that's a sign that you should dig deeper into the tool's usefulness for your team. You should understand the features and benefits of every tool your team relies on (and pays for!). If no one on your team can answer, enter your best guess and make note to evaluate this tool as soon as possible.

What if I have more than 4 tools to evaluate? Or what if I need help?

If you'd like a custom form that evaluates more than 4 tools, or if you need help, please email for assistance or book a call on the site.

Can I complete this as a team?

Definitely! This worksheet would work incredibly well as a team exercise. It's a great conversation starter about marketing tools, marketing budgets, and marketing goals. Use it in whatever way works best for your business.

Does this audit recommend different marketing tools?

No. This audit is a conversation starter and thought provoker meant to make you reconsider how you are using your current marketing tools. If you'd like to discuss specific marketing tool recommendations for your specific business, please schedule a call for a one-on-one professional review.

Is this exercise meant to bash marketing teams?

Heck no. I have been part of multiple marketing teams, and it can be incredibly hard to take over from a past director who may not have been as organized or as dilligent at maintaining an effective stack of marketing tools. This is supposed to be a tool to start conversations and start thinking about marketing tools in a different way.