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Why Work With Me?

Businesses have only so much cash and so much time. It is incredibly difficult and expensive to hire agencies to fill internal skill gaps. I strongly believe in the best team for the job--that is the team you currently have.

I take great pleasure in teaching others how to do things that can further their careers and help their teams succeed. I have been a long-time people manager, a running coach, and a mom (the ultimate 24/7 coach). It's so satisfying to empower others to learn things that were once thought to be beyond their grasp. Turns out, all they needed was a good coach.

How Does Pricing Work?

We start things off with a free 30-minute business strategy call. This call gives me a chance to learn all about your business: your business goals; your successes; your headaches. This call also gives you a chance to learn more about me and make sure you think we're a fit. By the end of the call, you'll start to see

If we decide to partner, pricing is done as a package, and the engagement can be for one week or one year. It's truly what works best for you.

I also have online instant access courses coming soon for an even more flexible, affordable option for your business.

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Let's Get Going

It all starts with a phone call.