New Website. No Headaches.

Shopify sites put the power back in your hands.

Shopify is powerful.

Shopify allows all small-to-midsize business owners the ability to create an attractive website quickly without ongoing development costs...if you do it correctly.

I have been building and maintaining Shopify sites for 8 years, including ecommerce sites with large product catalogs. I am a firm believer that most smaller businesses can build successful, high-performing Shopify sites without many customizations. This saves you development costs in the long run.


New to Shopify?

Do you have an existing site that needs improvement? Or are you looking to build a completely new site? Shopify is a powerful choice that can be built quickly and without a team of developers. I'll help you and your team evaluate Shopify for your business.

Shopify Platform Evaluation

Shopify Content Strategy

Shopify Site Maintenance


Already using Shopify?

Have a Shopify site you don't know how to manage? I can help you maintain and improve your current site. And if it's time for a new Shopify theme, I can help find a theme that works for you without a ton of customizations that require ongoing web development.

Shopify Re-theme

Shopify Site Maintenance

Shopify Site Optimization

Shopify Site Portfolio Highlights

Varaluz Site 2023

A site built to offer advanced filtering, sophisticated product data management, and improved storytelling for a large product catalog.

Varaluz Clearance Site 2022

A straightforward site built to help Varaluz sell-through discontinued merchandise without affecting their main brand website.

Any Questions?

Why work with me?

I have been on both sides of the table: I have been the brand that hired an agency, and I have been the agency hired by the brand. This gives me a well-rounded opinion on how businesses and agencies best work together.

Agency projects can be challenging, especially if you don't have an internal expert on your side. I'm there to help you answer the most important question when working with an agency:

Is this the right decision for my business?

How does pricing work?

We start things off with a $99 Introductory Call. This call gives me a chance to learn all about your business: your business goals; your successes; your headaches. This call also gives you a chance to learn more about me and make sure you think we're a fit.

If we decide to partner, pricing is quoted based on exactly what you need, whether it's a new Shopify site, help with an existing Shopify site, or Shopify coaching, It's truly what your business needs.

Are you a developer? Do I need one?

I have been designing and building Shopify sites since 2015 without use of a developer. That, I believe, is the beauty of the Shopify platform and Shopify app ecosystem. It is entirely possible to have a professional, on-brand Shopify site without paying a web developer. Curious? Skeptical? Let's chat.

Let's Get Going

It all starts with a phone call.