Is Your Website Content Attracting the Right Traffic?

Is your website content attracting the right traffic?

When you built your website, you probably had a conversation with your marketing team about site content.  Web content is a huge responsibility that can dramatically impact who finds your site.  The wrong content ranks for the wrong queries and attracts the wrong users who will not convert.

Because website launches are often very busy, they can get focused on the nuts and bolts of launching: site navigation, page building, redirect plans, etc.  Content can get left behind.

Now that you have an existing website, it's important to make sure your site is ranking for the correct queries.  For example, I want this site to rank for "marketing training" or "marketing coaching"; I don't want it to rank for "marketing agency training" or "marketing agency coaching".  That's an entirely different subject.  To make sure I don't rank for this, I write content that specifically mentions "marketing training" and "marketing coaching" and is very selective about uses of "agency." 

But how can I make sure I'm on the right track?  Thankfully, there is an easy, free way to check: Google Search Console

  1. Login to your Search Console account.
  2. Click on Performance in the left hand menu.  
  3. In the second section, you'll see a block that starts with Queries.  Look at your Top Queries.  Are they relevant queries for your business?

Even the most seasoned marketer can make a content mistake that leads to ranking for an irrelevant query.  The good news is that it's fixable.

Need help ranking for the correct queries?  Or need help setting up Google Search Console?  Schedule a call here.